Wind turbines get a second life thanks to MiniPower

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minipower-170x170MiniPower, a Dutch startup founded by Maarten von Winning and Michiel Wanninkhof, focuses on the replacement and exploitation of used wind turbines. The company helps to relocate well-serviced used wind turbines to emerging places in the world. The startup is participating in the Rockstart Smart Energy Program. This is the third programme of Rockstart, which in return for financial, legal and strategical advice receives 4 to 8 percent of the shares of the participating company.

Second life for wind turbines

MiniPower has developed a solution to reuse and improve old wind turbines that can extent the lifecycle of these turbines by 20 years. The company is actively setting up joint ventures and partnerships in countries where new wind turbines are hard to sell due to the high costs. The conditions for MiniPower in countries like Turkey, Poland and Slovenia are favorable. Wind conditions are good, the government wants to support renewable energy and there is a need for energy in these markets.

Attractive business model

The business model of MiniPower makes sense. Buyers can reduce their investments compared to the purchase of new wind turbines, with comparable income. This means that the span of time to recover the investment is considerably shorter.