Upcycle your cardboard packaging

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Upcycle Cardboard PackagingConvert your cardboard packaging into a birdhouse, a children’s chair or a lamp. Dutch stroller company Joolz is making this reality and sets a great example to all packaging designers. Their cardboard packaging is designed for re-use and comes with instructions on how to make a useful product out of it.

Cardboard furniture is not new. Dutch designer David Graas already pioneered cardboard chairs in his “This side up” line back in 2005. In 2008, UK-based Cardboard Future was founded mainly focusing on designing paper and board based furniture.  What is new, is linking it to DIY, upcycling and packaging creating an unique selling point in today’s increasing sustainability aware society.

Towards zero-waste from cardboard packaging

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already 77% of cardboard is recycled. However, not all cardboard can be recycled. Cardboard used as food container such as pizza boxes is contaminated with grease rendering them useless for recycling. Other cardboard packaging is covered with wax to make them more weather-proof making them less recyclable as well. Nevertheless, there are plenty of possibilities to close the loop towards zero-waste from cardboard packaging. For example, cardboard with pizza grease can be used in your compost pile. Or you can line garden beds for weed control or other purposes. Moreover, extending the lifetime of your cardboard packaging such as Joolz is pioneering, will also contribute to a zero-cardboard-waste society.