UK Green Crowdfunding platforms merge

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Green Crowdfunding ConsolidationUK based Trillion Fund and buzzbnk have announced to merge their Green Crowdfunding Platforms creating UK’s biggest in terms of users. This is an interesting development in the crowdfunding sector, since we have seen a large increase of small initiatives the last years. It can be expected these small initiatives need to start merging as the sector becomes more professional and hence competitive.

Trillion Fund

Trillion Fund was founded in 2011 and joined by Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer and environmentalist, in 2013. The green crowdfunding platform predominantly focuses on renewable energy projects, with wind and solar being most popular. They charge a registration fee as well as a variable fee per person that backs the project. Different funding types can be used such as peer-to-peer loans, community energy shares, funds, debentures and bonds.


buzzbnk was founded in 2011 as well. They have a larger variety of social and green projects covering health, food, social welfare, animals, etc. They charge a fixed 5% commission fee on funds raised successfully for each Venture. There is no registration fee for projects. buzzbnk has raised funding for more than 100 projects, with a success rate of 63 per cent. Projects can offer three types of loans: revenue participation, interest and principal only.