Top Green Entrepreneurs in 2013

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Great Green EntrepreneurshipWhat a year full of Great Green Entrepreneurship! With a start in August 2013, we are 50 posts old and we will continue bringing you the latest content about disruptive sustainable products and services, innovative green business ideas and emerging green technologies. This year ended with 6 Green Crowdfunding Platforms as our most popular post and we will continue writing more about this topic in 2014. Please keep sending us your suggestions! In second place, reached in only 1.5 month, Plant-e generates electricity from living plants is perhaps the most innovative green technology around. Imagine this working on full scale without even damaging the plants… On a well deserved third place, Turntoo puts the circular economy into practice.

To bring 2013 to a closure, we would like to conclude with a post of our personal top 10 of Great Green Entrepreneurs. This is not an easy list as we love all green products, services and technologies we write about. For us, Great Green Entrepreneurship is defined as breakthrough, scalable green ideas from startups with sound business cases. Real industry shifters, giving you a different perspective on how we can take care of our world, but still with a profitable bottom line. So here they are, let us know what you think!

And the Great Green Entrepreneurship Award goes to …

  1. Plant-e generates electricity from living plants – what a breakthrough technology. With a dedicated team born out of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Plant-e is on its way to fully commercialise their technology in 2016. This infinite source of electricity can be generated under ground, making it a very attractive competitor for wind and solar energy.
  2. FreshPaper prevents food spoilage organically – a great invention in its simplicity. Founded in grandma’s kitchen, FreshPaper is a great example of green entrepreneurship in its roots. This is a real industry shifter, increasing the shelf life of your food without using preservatives. Moreover, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer having a significant impact on food transport industry as well as on people living in third world countries without refrigerator
  3. Biocement will revolutionize the construction industry -producing bricks creating zero-waste. bioMASON grows biocement utilizing microorganisms shaking up conventional clay brick manufacturing with the potential of by comparison saving more CO2 than the global aviation fleet produces on a yearly basis
  4. Ampyx Power will disrupt electricity generation sector – imagine hundreds of glider planes in the sky flying repetitive patterns supplying your daily energy consumption. This is the promise of the airborne wind energy sector in which big companies such as Google are investing in heavily
  5. Turntoo puts circular economy into practice – buying light hours instead of lamps, sit hours instead of chairs and washing cycles instead of washing machines. Renting the use of products instead of owning them is an essential part of the principles underlying the circular economy. And Turntoo is putting it into practice
  6. NRGSPOT-light uses light poles as EV chargers – using light poles as EV charging points might just be the future of electric mobility. The abundance of light poles and the scalability of NRGSPOT-light’s solution are definitely worth keeping a close eye on
  7. NatureSX first biodegradable golf ball – it takes more than 500 years before a normal golf ball, made from plastics and heavy metals, is biodegraded. Biogolf has introduced a biodegradable golf ball made from potato starch. This high-quality golf ball might just become the new norm in the next 5-10 years
  8. MisterGreen launches first Dutch EV-charging highway station – as frontrunner in the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV), the Netherlands opened its first supercharging highway station aiming to develop a network of in total 20 EV supercharging stations along the main Dutch highways
  9. Sunlight brought to you by Parans – a solar lighting system that brings sunlight into your basement through fiber optic cables. The system not only benefits your health because of the natural light you absorb, it significantly reduces the electricity bill. Will this technology replace the conventional light bulb
  10. Power your island with Ocean Thermal Energy -the temperature difference between the warm surface water and cold deep seawater can be used to generate electricity by means of Ocean Thermal Energy. The technology is maturing and first applications can be seen at several tropical islands. Some even aiming to be fully self-sufficient with the new source of electricity


  1. By Frank Enstein