Tesla introduces supercharger, 5-star safety rating for Model S

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tesla 2California-based Tesla opened its first Supercharger power station this week in Norway. The company expects to ramp up its investments in an EV Supercharger network to reach a 98% coverage in the US in 2015. The Superchargers are on average 20 times faster than most common charging stations. Tesla has opened 6 Supercharger stations in Norway, within reach of 90% of the Norwegian population. Model S drivers can now enjoy the most commonly used roads and highways in Norway without having to worry about an empty battery.

Record safety rating for Tesla’s Model S

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US has conducted a series of independent safety tests, and awarded the Tesla Model S a 5-star safety rating. The Model S set a new record of the lowest likelihood for occupants to get injured. One of the reasons for its favorable ratings compared to other sports cars is not having a gasoline engine block, which creates a longer crumple zone when the car crashes at a high speed.

Tesla opens first production facility in Europe

Tesla opened its European production facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands on Thursday the 22nd of August. The Tilburg factory will serve as the final assembly point for the Model S after being shipped from the US. Deliveries of the new Model S now started in Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.