Tesla expands Superchargers network throughout Europe

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superchargersIn the beginning of December, Tesla has opened its first Supercharger stations in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Opening its first Supercharger network in Norway last September, Tesla now plans to build more Superchargers in countries like Belgium, France and the UK in 2014.

14 European Superchargers in place

At the moment, Tesla has 14 superchargers placed along main highways in Northwestern Europe. By investing heavily in charging infrastructure, the company allows its customers to drive long distances and hopes to eliminate anxiety for not being able to charge their electric vehicle. Tesla Model S owners can now safely drive from Amsterdam to Geneva with the possibility to recharge their battery along the route. The Superchargers can only be used by Model S drivers, and won’t work with any other Electrical Vehicle, even not with Tesla’s Roadster. Superchargers provide half a charge in about 20 minutes.

Tesla expands network of sales offices

Besides expanding its supercharging infrastructure, The Palo-Alto company is quickly opening up stores and service centers across Europe. Potential buyers of a Model S can now make a test drive from its offices in cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris and London. Elon Musk, its billionaire founder, has indicated stores in other parts of Europe will follow soon. He also hinted that the new Tesla model, now called Model X, will already be presented on car shows in 2014 and can be delivered to customers in 2015.