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Spares in Motion connects demand and supply in the wind turbine market

The key trend in the wind industry is to lower the cost of energy to be able to compete with traditional sources of energy. After installation of wind turbines, the factor that can be influenced best are Operating and Maintenance costs, where availability and costs of spare parts play an important role. Spares in Motion

Ampyx Power will disrupt electricity generation sector

Imagine hundreds of glider planes in the sky flying repetitive patterns supplying your daily energy consumption. This is Ampyx Power‘s dream, the runner-up of the 2013 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge after FreshPaper. Ampyx Power claims to disrupt the electricity generation sector by attaching autonomously controlled glider planes to ground-based generators. The so-called PowerPlane flies on an

Google to buy all electricity of new Texas Wind Farm

Google has been investing heavily in renewable energy resources over the past years. The company has now signed an agreement to buy all of the electricity from the 240MW Happy Hereford Wind Farm in Texas. It strengthens its ‘Don’t be Evil’ principle by further boosting its total wind power supply from 330 MW to 570