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A Dutch Weed Burger carnivores love

Inspired by the daunting problem of overpopulation in combination with our dependency on meat for our proteins, Mark Kulsdom and Lisette Kreischer launched the Dutch Weed Burger in August 2012. Made of mainly seaweed and some soy, the burger contains a lot of nutrients and is considered to have a fleshy texture even carnivores would love. The

Crowd butching your meat from sustainable sources

Buy your piece of cow directly from the farmer. Crowd butching makes this possible. Similar to other green crowd funding, participants buy a cow together. As soon as all meat is allocated, the cow goes to the butcher and your meat is delivered two weeks later. Since you buy the meat directly from the farmer,

FreshPaper prevents food spoilage organically

What a great invention in its simplicity. Originated from grandma’s recipe, Fenugreen’s inventor produced a sheet of paper infused with organic spices preventing food spoilage. It keeps your produce fresh 2-4 days longer. Founded in 2010, they started selling small batches in farmer’s markets in Cambridge, MA. Now they are fighting the global food spoilage