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Enviromate – Putting Reuse at the Heart of Construction

Enviromate is designed with one core goal; to encourage and promote sustainable construction through the reuse of surplus building materials at all levels within the industry, diverting reusable material from landfill – Increasing the product lifecycle, reducing the extraction of vital raw materials, enabling the transition to a circular economy and most importantly saving the Environment. Enviromate was the idea

Leasing clothes from sustainable origin

Why spending so much money on staying in fashion with your jeans, when you can lease a new pair each year. Mud Jeans started the Lease a Jeans concept in 2013 and are now also launching their Lease a Fleece brand. They are using green crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd to gather enough orders to submit their

The Mobile Factory recycles construction debris

After natural disasters like an earthquake or tsunami, millions of tons of debris from (half-) collapsed buildings is left or dumped in nature. An equal number of people are left homeless or continue living in tent ghettoes. Dutch entrepreneurs have developed “De Mobiele Fabriek” (the Mobile Factory) which can be installed onsite and transform the

Greenest stroller on planet earth

Dutch designer Bart Bost recently won the prestigous German Innovation Award at the “Kind und Jugend” fair in Cologne for his sustainable stroller, the Greentom Upp. He has chosen for high quality recyclable Polypropylene for the frame and Polyethylene Terepthalate (PET) bottles for the seat. In addition to making the Greentom Upp out of 95%

Configure your sustainable bike with Roetz

Imagine your bike with wooden mudgards, grips of cork and a 30 year old re-used bike frame serving as a solid basis. Netherlands based Roetz-bike makes this sustainable bike reality. And this is very necessary in the bicycle industry. In the Netherlands only, 1 million bikes are discarded each year, many ending up in the