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Engaging the Green Crowd to invest in energy efficiency

In 2012, was born out of the Start-Up-Weekend Rhein-Main in Germany. Since then the team has worked hard to become a fully operating Green Crowdfunding platform focusing on energy efficiency projects. The have just launched their largest project so far funding the installation of a combined heat and power plant with an expected yearly return of 8%

Smart street lights reduce city energy bill

The energy bill for street lighting in Europe amounts to more than 10 billion euro. The resulting 40 million CO2 emissions per year can be largely avoided by intelligently dimming the street lights when no one is around. Dutch startup Tvilight has developed a solution that can be plugged into the existing street light infrastructure

Energy awareness software saves money

An extensive study of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy reviewed more than 36 residential smart metering and feedback programmes internationally. They concluded that to realise feedback-induced savings, the smart meters must be used in conjunction with online or in-home displays and well-designed programmes that successfully inform, empower, engage and motivate people. Dutch startup