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Crowd butching your meat from sustainable sources

Buy your piece of cow directly from the farmer. Crowd butching makes this possible. Similar to other green crowd funding, participants buy a cow together. As soon as all meat is allocated, the cow goes to the butcher and your meat is delivered two weeks later. Since you buy the meat directly from the farmer,

6 green crowdfunding platforms

Green crowdfunding is a niche that is becoming more popular. Popping up around 2005, online crowdfunding is used by people or organisations to collect funds from individuals for their business ideas and initiatives. Well-known examples of online crowdfunding platforms are IndieGoGo (2008) and Kickstarter (2009). In 2012, there were over 450 crowdfunding platforms which makes

Buy your own share of wind energy

Benefit from the advantages of wind energy by becoming co-owner of a windmill. In the Netherlands, the cooperative called Windcentrale makes this possible since 2010. They split up a windmill in thousands wind parts. Each wind part delivers on average 500 kWh of wind annually. This is equal to 1/7 of the energy consumption of