Sustainable Road of The Future glows after dark

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Dutch interactive designer Daan Roosegaarde has developed the Smart Highway. The highway of the future is a sustainable and interactive road that benefits traffic safety and efficiency. The Dutch designer’s first pilot project, optimistically called ‘The Road of the Future’, officially opens today near the city of Oss in the South of the Netherlands.

Smart Highway

In recent years, a lot of attention has been on developing smart cars but little has been done to make our road network more intelligent. Mr. Roosegaarde, in close cooperation with the infrastructure company Heijmans, decided to act against this trend. His smart road now communicates with drivers, e-charge vehicles and extract heat from the asphalt to power the buildings along the road. A temperature-sensitive ‘glow in the dark’ paint used on the road indicates to drivers when the road gets slippery or icy. The paint also lights up the road in the dark while charging up during daytime.

Road of the Future wins INDEX award

The revolutionary Smart Highway concept is the winner of the 2013 INDEX design award. Its jury member Nille-Jull Sorensen believes that the Road of the Future is not just a funny idea, but has the power of changing the future of roads everywhere. Mr. Roosegaarde will invest part of the money from winning the award into building a concept road in a 3rd world country, proving that the Smart Highway can improve lives in areas where road safety is a major issue.

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