Sunlight brought to you by Parans

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Parans SunlightThe things you can do with fiber optic cables are endless. Possibly any piece of information can be sent through it around the world. But what about sending sunlight into your basement! Parans developed a solar lighting system that brings sunlight into your basement through fiber optic cables. The system not only benefits your health because of the natural light you absorb, it significantly reduces the electricity bill. With lighting accounting for almost 20% of the world electricity bill, this is a huge saving for planet earth. Recently, Parans launched a hybrid solution which uses energy efficient LED lighting when the sun does not shine.


Parans sunlight makes you work more intelligently

Sunlight has many health benefits. It boosts our immune system, syncs our hormone balance and keeps us awake and alert. Furthermore, natural light tends to increase our wellbeing and comfort making us more productive. Since most of the intelligent discussions are held in the conference room without windows, a Parans solar lighting system can even increase your bottom line.

Trade your share of sunlight

Parans is listed with its stocks on the Stockholm stock exchange, as it originates from Sweden. They have made a significant increase in revenue last year, however still operate with a negative net income. Founded in 2002, they commercialized their patented technology in 2004 and are currently selling their product through agents and dealers in 36 countries all over the world.