Street-charge your phone with solar energy

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street_charge_img4_AT&TDutch Solar Group has developed a system of charging points for smartphones that will be rolled out in Amsterdam in the upcoming weeks. Locations include the Central Station and the Vondelpark. According to the director of Dutch Solar Group, Jaap Speet, talks are under way to roll out the system in other places when the Amsterdam pilot proves successfull.

Street charger resembles a palm tree

“The street charger looks a bit like a palm tree” explains Speet. “The palm has six connections, one for the iPhone 4, one iPhone 5, mini-usb- and normal usb-connections.” The company is currently in talks with Dutch mobile operators KPN and Vodafone to finance the Street Chargers pilot in Amsterdam.

Solar charging points around the globe

Similar initiatives have been initiated by StarEnergy from Portugal. With its INTI Solar Charge Point  they enable users to charge their tablet or smartphone, as well as providing a free WIFI signal in a range of 150 meters around the solar charger. Buffalo Grid from the UK is testing a solar powered phone charger that can be taken on the back of a bicycle to off-grid cities in developing countries. The system has successfully been trialled in Ghana and Uganda. In the US, AT&T has introduced free solar mobile charging stations across five boroughs in New York.