Spares in Motion connects demand and supply in the wind turbine market

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spares_in_motion_logoThe key trend in the wind industry is to lower the cost of energy to be able to compete with traditional sources of energy. After installation of wind turbines, the factor that can be influenced best are Operating and Maintenance costs, where availability and costs of spare parts play an important role. Spares in Motion has created an online marketplace for spare parts for a great number of different major wind turbines brands, to assist buyers in finding and selecting their best sourcing option.

In search of Wind Turbine parts

Spares in Motion has seen rapid growth over the last year in terms of product and service offerings as well as traffic on the trading platform. With over 10.000 visitors each month, the platform seems to fulfil a market demand for buyers that are searching for wind turbine parts. The portfolio of Spares in Motion includes all parts of a wind turbine such as gearboxes, generators, blades, electrical parts, mechanical parts, hydraulic parts and consumables.

Accelerating the global wind turbine industry

Spares in Motion, founded by the Dutchmen Jochem Sauer and Marc Huyzer, aims to be the accelerator for global wind power energy by optimizing the use of resources. The online marketplace for the wind turbine aftermarket is currently available in English, German, Spanish and French.


  1. By Marc Huyzer