Solar Green Point to build largest Dutch solar park

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Solar Green PointNext to the A4 highway connecting Amsterdam to The Hague, Solar Green Point plans to build the largest solar park in the Netherlands. The funding will be realised through the crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd, one of the six green crowdfunding platforms described earlier on The solar park will consist of 8000 solar panels, and will be effectuated once the first 200 panels will be crowdfunded. Each of the solar panels in use will save 133 kg of CO2 annually.

Solar energy for everybody

The founders of Solar Green Point, Richard Bevelander and Stan Verheije, have experience with developing solar panel parks. They successfully developed a collective solar park of 1000 panels on top of the Caballero factory in The Hague. The aim of the initiators is to offer everybody the opportunity to generate solar energy, also for those who do not have space for a solar panel. Therefore, the parks they developed are collectively owned by the purchasers of solar certificates Solar Green Point distributes. Each of the certificates gives the right to the revenue of 1 solar panel during the lifespan of 25 years. Clients of the energy supplier Eneco receive the revenue of the generated power as discounts on their energy invoices. 

Fiscal benefits for companies investing in solar energy

Dutch companies investing in green energy, benefit from a range of subsidies and fiscal benefits. These companies can deduct 41.5% of their amortization in solar panels from their annual profit, thus lowering the amount of corporate profit tax they have to pay. On top of this Energy Investment Deduction rule, companies have the right to deduct up to 28% of their investment from their profit through the Small Scale deduction rule in the Netherlands.