Smart street lights reduce city energy bill

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Smart Street LightsThe energy bill for street lighting in Europe amounts to more than 10 billion euro. The resulting 40 million CO2 emissions per year can be largely avoided by intelligently dimming the street lights when no one is around. Dutch startup Tvilight has developed a solution that can be plugged into the existing street light infrastructure and controlled remotely. This is another great innovation similar to smart highways and will significantly contribute to many cities’ CO2 reduction targets.

Plug and play smart street light solution

Tvilight’s plug and play smart street light solution saves up to 80% on the city’s yearly energy bill and 50% on maintenance costs. The latter is achieved by a built-in control system that communicates through a software platform with the maintenance services if a street light is broken or performing under par. This service prevents the biannual manual check by maintenance personnel. That is an easy business case to make and also a great example of the Internet of Things, bringing city infrastructure online. Watch the video below to understand how their smart street light solution works.

Fast growing tech-company

Tvilight is a good example of a fast growing tech-company. In a period of less than two years, they have transformed from a one-person startup to an international company employing more than 25 people. In April 2013, they successfully closed a significant series A investment and are now part of the Pon Holding. They have currently installed their solutions at local Dutch municipalities. However, a lot of countries have already shown serious interest. These countries are served in partnership with local distributors. Tvilight aims to be in the top 3 of their industry with a market share of 2-4% in the public street lights market.

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