Recycled paint made of your paint leftovers

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Recycled paint leftoversEveryone has some paint leftovers stored away in the attic or basement. You never know, you might need them some day. However, a couple of years later, you decide to move to another place and you throw away the paint. This scenario results in millions of unused paint ending up in the incinerator each year.

Studies show that the production of recycled paint has a considerably lower environmental footprint (-70%) than the conventional paint production process. Recent years more and more companies and governments are also discovering the financial business case.

Boomerang paint leads the way

Already 15 years ago, the Canadian based recycled paint manufacturer Boomerang entered the local market. They were very much supported by a public-private partnership model cooperating with the local Quebec government. Law was introduced governing the collection of used paints. In Oregon and California similar systems have been setup where government and industry team up. In California, consumers and professional painters are paying a small contribution to fund the collection and recycling system.

Global Paint for Charity

Global Paint for Charity is another great initiative helping both the environment as well as vulnerable families across the globe. This US-based charity collects, consolidates and distributes disregarded paint local communities in countries in Africa and Central-America. Paint on the walls has a significant impact on reducing germs, mold, viruses and bacteria. The charity already salvaged 80,000 gallons and is a great example of how we should deal with our paint leftovers.