Raw for the Oceans with Bionic Yarn

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Pharrel-Bionic-JarnDutch denim brand G-Star has entered an alliance with eco-textile Bionic Yarn in an effort to clean up our plastic oceans of waste. Bionic Yarn, an invention of Return Textiles, blends natural-based fibers with recycled plastic bottles retrieved from the world’s oceans and shores. The collaboration between Bionic Yarn and G-Star, called Raw for the Oceans, aims to use the yarn from plastics found in the oceans as a substitute for denim in jeans and other products.

Pharrell Williams to promote partnership

It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say. Grammy-award winning music star Pharrell Williams might not sound as a household green entrepreneur name yet, but that will change soon. Williams is an early investor and creative director in Bionic Yarn, giving the company a strong brand ambassador. Will Williams be in the top 10 green entrepreneurs next year?

Yarn that feels like regular denim

The yarn looks and feels similar to regular denim, which makes it an ideal ecofriendly substitute. The bionic yarn can be retrieved from the products it has been used in and re-used into new denim collections. G-Star plans to use the material into as many future collections as it can. The Raw for the Oceans collection will be in G-star stores from August the 15th.