Solar Headphones charge your iPhone while on the move

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OnBeat_HeadphoneThe OnBeat Solar Headphones charge your wireless devices while offering a quality sound experience. Ideal for those outdoor lovers who like to sunbathe and listen to their favorite music at the same time. The headphones simultaneously re-charge your smartphone or music device while on the go. The idea behind developing OnBeat is that you never have to worry about the battery of your smartphone running low again.

Solar panels on the headphone band

Flexible solar PV cells on the surface of the headphone are used to capture solar energy. The energy is then stored in two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries placed in each earcup. One of the earcups can connect a USB cable with a smartphone or tablet. Any USB-enabled device can now be recharged through solar energy thanks to the OnBeat headphones.

Funding the development

25-year old Andrew Anderson from Glasgow, whose father Frank came up with the original idea, has created a Kickstarter account to raise the necessary investment of £ 200.000. Anderson explains that the prototype will be tested and manufactured in the upcoming months. Shipment is expected to start February 2014. The Kickstarter account has recently been cancelled, as Springwise reports that OnBeat is now backed by a private investor thanks to media coverage and consumer interest.