NRGSPOT-light uses light poles as EV chargers

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NRGSPOT-light With about 100,000 light poles in a medium-sized city like Rotterdam alone, using light poles as EV charging points might just be the future of electric mobility.  Dutch electricity company Eneco and Sapa Pole Products have come up with an innovative approach towards recharging your electric car. The NRGSPOT-light is an all-in-one light pole and electric charging point.

Charging your electric vehicle through SMS payment

Users of the NRGSPOT-light can connect their car to the light pole after conducting a payment through SMS or RFID. The aluminum light pole is Cradle-to-Cradle certified and uses Dutch wind as renewable energy source. Drivers with a 400V connection are able to use the electric car charger. The NRGSPOT-light is equipped with the mode 3 loading protocol. This system ensures safety by only giving voltage when both ends of the loading cable are connected in the right way.

Scalable EV charging technology

Since light poles are abundant, the initiators believe the NRGSPOT-light could be the next revolution in charging technology. In order to install the electric vehicle charger, the light pole needs to be modified. Additional cables need to be installed, as well as an external module to control the system. Instead of using wind, the makers of NRGSPOT could also consider using solar energy as a source of power. Scotia’s The Sun Mast is a solar powered street pole that can be used for solar street lighting and other applications, such as recharging your electronic vehicle.