NatureSX first biodegradable golf ball

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In the United States alone, 300 million golf balls disappear in nature annually. It takes more than 500 years before a normal golf ball, made from plastics and heavy metals, is biodegrated. In order to make the golf industry more environmentally-friendly, Dutch company Biogolf has developed NatureSX, a 100% biodegradale golf ball.

Potato starch used as raw material for bio ball

Biogolf has signed an agreement with Lamb Weston / Meijer to supply the potato starch that is the basic raw materials for the Biogolf Nature SX golf ball. The potato starch is the by-product when potatoes are being cut into fries.

Sustainable golf ball good alternative for regular balls

After more than 4 years of intensive R&D Biogolf has managed to develop a high-quality golf ball. Besides investments from the entrepreneurs themselves, Biogolf acquired its start-up capital by means of a successful crowdfunding campaign on OnePlanetCrowd. According to Robert de Waal, one of the founders of Biogolf, the NatureSX is a good alternative for 80 percent of the golf players. ¨Our ball complies with all quality standards and plays like a regular ball¨.

The NatureSX is reportedly the first biodegradable golf ball for land use, however Ecobioball acclaims to be the first water-biodegradable ball. Manufactured by Albus Golf, the Ecobioball is a biodegradable ball recommended to use near lakes, rivers and other marine environments. Once this single-use-only ball lands in the water, it will start to biodegrade its outer shall and expose fish food to be eaten by fish and other water creatures.