MisterGreen launches first Dutch EV-charging highway station

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EV-Charging point Gemeente AmsterdamThe first Dutch supercharging highway station for electric cars has been opened on October 10th. The Electrical Vehicles (EV) charging station is located along the A2 highway that connects Utrecht with Amsterdam. The station, commissioned by Mister Green Electrical Lease, is connected to the Dutch power grid of network provider Stedin. The company Travelcard exploits the station. Drivers who use the EV-charging pass of Travelcard automatically have access to the supercharging facilities.

Network of superchargers

MisterGreen aims to develop a network of in total 20 EV supercharging stations along Dutch highways. Clients of the company can powercharge their electical vehicles free of charge. The Netherlands is a frontrunner in the adoption of Electric Vehicles. At the end of 2013, 3000 electric cars will be driving on the Dutch roads. The government has set an ambitious target of 1 million EV’s sold in 2025.

Charging points infrastructure

The city of Amsterdam has launched a similar project in order to spur the adoption rate of electric vehicles. By rolling out a network of chargers within the metropolitan region, the city aims to reduce the CO2 emissions within the region. By the end of 2012, 100 electrical charging points were in use in Amsterdam. E-Laad is probably the most successful attempt to build an electrical charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. The  foundation E-Laad.nl places and operates a network of 2.500 type 2 mode 3 EV-chargers throughout the Netherlands.