Leasing clothes from sustainable origin

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Leasing ClothesWhy spending so much money on staying in fashion with your jeans, when you can lease a new pair each year. Mud Jeans started the Lease a Jeans concept in 2013 and are now also launching their Lease a Fleece brand. They are using green crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd to gather enough orders to submit their first batch to their producer in Italy. Started in 2008, Mud Jeans makes fair fashion. The Dutch fashion label has serious ideals: sustainable products based on organic raw materials; fair-trade and good working conditions in the factories and reuse of raw materials where possible. A good reason for being ranked number one brand in the Rank A Brand statistics. Moreover, leasing clothes is a perfect example of the circular economy concept put into practice by Turntoo.

Leasing clothes for a fixed monthly fee

With Lease a Jeans, Mud Jeans introduces an innovative and sustainable fashion concept. The jeans are made of organic and recycled cotton and are 100% responsibly produced. The jeans that are returned by the lessee are send back to the manufacturer to produce a new set of jeans. Customers are asked to sign a lease contract and pay a refundable (by voucher) 20 euro deposit. The contract allows them to lease the jeans for 5 euro per month for a minimum period of 12 months. After this period, the customer can make a choice to either return the jeans, change them for a newer model or keep them longer to receive a discount on the next pair at the moment of return. The contract also includes a free repair service and you are not charged extra if you return the jeans damaged.