Hermit Houses provide a sustainable retreat into nature

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Hermit-HouseOriginally designed by Daniël Venneman and Mark van der Net for the Oerol festival, the Hermit Houses concept has developed into a sutainable holiday retreat. The designers of the Cloud Collective wanted to offer festivalgoers a place to relax during the festival in their 14 square meter cabins. Today, Hermit Houses is a fast-growing collection of self-sufficient cabins being placed on unique locations in the nature.

Sustainable cabins powered by solar energy

The Hermit Houses all consist of a solar panel that delivers enough energy to power the cabin light, as well as recharge your iPhone or tablet. The cabins include a water pump and eco-toilet that decomposes excrements, besides amenities such as a shower, bed and stove. When ordered, the cabin is delivered as a construction kit with prefabricated panels of recycled materials and a do-it-yourself manual. In the near future, the Cloud Collective aims to launch an app to enable buyers to design their own cabin.

Successful crowdfunding campaign raises EUR 25.000

The project has successfully raised EUR 25.000 through a crowdfunding campaign at Oneplanetcrowd. Depending on the size of their investment, investors can either lodge a couple of nights for free or receive their own Hermit House. Now that the necessary investments have been raised, the designers expect the first house to be ready for use in the spring of 2014.