Greenloons, the AirBnB of eco travelling

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eco travellingFounded by Irene Lane, Greenloons is an online booking platform for eco-certified travel adventures. The ecotourism platform aims to become the AirBnB for green travellers.Lane describes herself as “an eco-conscious mom who loves to travel in an environmentally responsible manner”. The site lists hundreds of eco tours, green volunteering opportunities as well as offering eco-travel tips and community stories.

Eco travelling

According to Greenloons, true green travel is not about reusing your hotel towels or camping in a national park without the use of hot water. It is about supporting a community’s triple bottom line. Being economically viable, offer social empowerment and environmental conservation while offering unique experiences for travellers.

Criteria for eco-listings

Greenloons only enlists tour operators that underwrite its triple bottom line. These ecotour operators must support local communities, deploy wildlife conservation policies and adhere to regional environmental standards from recognised authorities such as the ECO Certification Program and the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. Greenloons closely cooperates with Climate Care to offset the carbon emissions of its travelllers. Rainforest Alliance is a partner for sharing management practices in sustainable tourism