Google to buy all electricity of new Texas Wind Farm


2006-google-earth-day-doodleGoogle has been investing heavily in renewable energy resources over the past years. The company has now signed an agreement to buy all of the electricity from the 240MW Happy Hereford Wind Farm in Texas. It strengthens its ‘Don’t be Evil’ principle by further boosting its total wind power supply from 330 MW to 570 MW, comparable to a power capacity of 170.000 homes.

Wind farm will provide energy for Oklahoma data center

The new wind farm outside Amarillo will provide electricy to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the regional grid that serves Google’s Oklahoma data center. The wind farm is expected to be operational in late 2014. Chermac Energy, a Native-American-owned company from Oklahoma, is developing the site.

Maevaara Wind farm in Scandinavia

Earlier this year, Google announced an agreement with the wind farm developer O2 and insurance company Allianz to supply its Finnish data center with renewable energy. With this  commitment, O2 has received approvement to build a new 72MW wind farm in Maevaara in Northern  Sweden. Over the past years, Google has committed more than $1 billion to sustainable energy projects in the U.S., Germany and South Africa.