GiveO2 offsets your carbon footprint

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carbon footprintMeasure and offset your transport based carbon footprint by installing the GiveO2 app on your phone. By turning on the GiveO2 tracker, the app automatically saves your trips so you can better understand your carbon footprint. Linking your account to beintoo enables you to earn Bedollars which can be redeemed for real discounts.

A vision for the future

The Chilean startup is participating in Rockstart’s smart energy accelerator program. In their introduction on Rockstart they explain their long term vision as positioning themselves as THE platform where people and companies can see their ecological footprint. This includes the carbon footprint, water consumption and energy use. Everyone, from regular people to whole companies will have access to a platform to track their ecological footprint, compare to others and compete, in a simple and automated way. This way regular people can measure, reduce (energy waste and money), and earn rewards. Companies will be able to increase their brand value, due to multiple factors: customer access to more transparent ecological information and practices of the businesses, and tracking tools to engage employees and customers in more sustainable living practices.