FreshPaper prevents food spoilage organically

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Preventing Food SpoilageWhat a great invention in its simplicity. Originated from grandma’s recipe, Fenugreen’s inventor produced a sheet of paper infused with organic spices preventing food spoilage. It keeps your produce fresh 2-4 days longer. Founded in 2010, they started selling small batches in farmer’s markets in Cambridge, MA. Now they are fighting the global food spoilage challenge.

Fighting the food spoilage challenge

Did you know that 25% of the world’s food supply is lost to spoilage? Fenugreen has made it her mission to fight this number down. They not only sell the FreshPaper to regular consumers, they also help the food banks at home. For every pack you buy, they give a pack away. Moreover, FreshPaper is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable thus minimizing the environmental footprint. J46PQT6N4RU7

Transform the global food system

With their enormous success shortly after launching, Fenugreen started to think real big and adopted the mission Fresh for All. Their aim is to revolutionize the food economy and impact the 1.6 billion people living without refrigerator as well as the small-scale farmers struggling to bring their harvest to market.

They are nominated for the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge prize which will be awarded on September 16th 2013. Their product ships worldwide and is available in their webshop.