Evening Breeze reinvented air conditioning

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Evening breezeDuring the hot months of the year, Evening Breeze claims to save up to 80% energy costs compared to traditional air conditioning systems. Using a very stylish design, evening breeze is made to fit above just about any bed without attaching it to a wall or ceiling. What is really revolutionary is the way it releases the conditioned air using nothing more than gravity. This way the cooled air just falls down on the sleepers, minimising the sound level and creating no draft. This allows you to open up a window welcoming fresh outdoor air and healthy humidity levels, but still stay cool under the sheets.

How does Evening Breeze work

Air is sucked from under the bed, cooled, filtered and dehumified behind the bed and release above the bed. Unfortunately, the heat taken from the air is still released outside your bedroom to the outdoor air. Perhaps in a future design, they can heat up the water boiler for your morning shower. With a control unit you can choose the desired temperature ranging from just a gentle breeze to active cooling 7 degrees Celcius below the ambient temperature.

Postive effect of entrepreneurial awards

Netherlands based Evening Breeze is a good example of how green entrepreneurs can be accelerated into the right direction by recognition and rewards. In January 2007, Evening Breeze won the liveWIRE Young Business Award, which not only gave them € 10.000 cash. More importantly, they received a lot of media attention resulting in interested clients and a stronger negotiation position. They also reached the finals of the Herman-Wijffels (former Rabobank CEO) Award and the New Venture Award. After receiving new investment and a lot more demand, they scaled up production in 2008, signed their first dealer contract in Curaçao and start making a profit in 2010. Today, they are a mature company with more than 50 local suppliers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Dutch Antilles, Indonesia and Africa.