EV-Box to build 320 charging stations in Rotterdam

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EV BOXThe city of Rotterdam has ambitious plans to improve its air quality and stimulate the usage of electric vehicles. In its strategical agreement ‘Stadsregio Rotterdam Elektrisch’ the city aims to roll out 320 more EV-charging stations in the city region next year. Together with Cofely, the Dutch company EV-Box has won the tender to supply these charging poles. EV-Box is a producer of a wide range of charging stations, and is the market leader in the Netherlands.

Getting an EV-charging station

Citizens and companies in the greater Rotterdam area can get a subsidy to receive an EV-charging station. The city of Rotterdam also offers its neighbouring municipalities in its geographical area the opportunity to apply for and receive charging stations in their area. Each of the charging stations consists of two charging points.

State of the Art technology

The Charging Station has two Type 2 charging points, a RFID reader, a Mode 3 controller, a GPS position indicator and a GSM communications module. This state of the art technology ensures that its charging poles can be published in Google Maps and navigation software such as TomTom and Navteq. Through a web application the owner of the charging pole  can manage a wide range of functionalities, such as determining rates and costs, set up user groups, get an overview of its transaction history and a fully automatic invoicing module.