Energy awareness software saves money

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Energy awareness softwareAn extensive study of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy reviewed more than 36 residential smart metering and feedback programmes internationally. They concluded that to realise feedback-induced savings, the smart meters must be used in conjunction with online or in-home displays and well-designed programmes that successfully inform, empower, engage and motivate people. Dutch startup Greeniant is filling this gap with their top-secret algorithm revealing hidden reasons why your energy bill is so high.

Smart meter prerequisite

In order to use Greeniant’s software, your house has to be installed with a smart meter. Many countries have started initiatives to make these meters available in all households, however most countries have not yet fully accomplished this for several reasons. In the Netherlands for example, the first smart meters for both gas and electricity were already introduced in 2005. This motivated the Dutch government to propose that all seven million households of the country should have a smart meter by 2013, as part of a national energy reduction plan. However, the roll out of these seven million smart meters was delayed for several reasons. Main reasons for the delay were that there was limited possibility foreseen to register small scale local energy production (e.g. by solar panels), and that there was uncertainty in the parliament on future developments in smart meters. Eventually, in 2009, the Dutch government had to back down after consumer groups raised privacy concerns. Instead of a mandatory roll-out smart meters will be voluntary.

Greeniant energy awareness software

Funding almost more than 400% than their initial target on Oneplanetcrowd green crowdfunding platform, Greeniant is still looking for investors in order to be ready for launching their product. Its software uses smart meter data to analyse and identify which devices are used in the home. It does this without requiring data to be entered or additional ( measuring ) devices connected anywhere. So consumers can see exactly how much energy a device consumes and whether that is a lot, little or normal compared to other devices. With the software, consumers can save up to €300 euro annually on energy bills, depending on family size.

Greeniant let’s you discover your electricity guzzlers. Consumers can start tracking what they are consuming per hour or per day but also the difference between day and night and consumption on weekends and weekdays. In addition, they see how their consumption compares to similar households. Greeniant also shows who the electricity guzzlers are, for example the old refrigerator appears to cost €200 a year in electricity; the plasma TV in standby takes 25W which is €50 per year.