The e-cruizer makes the e-bike cool

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e-bikeInspired by the 1912 Harley Davidson and his search for answering the current environmental problems, designer Janpeter Eilander developed the e-cruizer. Inserted with European Space Agency (ESA) technology, the e-bike generates the maximum output with a minimal electricity consumption. The Dutch company behind this great product, B4-bikes, is changing the image of the electric bicycle. No longer will only elderly people dominate this e-bike category. With the cool design features of the e-cruizer, every tough guy in your neighbourhood will soon make his statement on it. The e-cruizer is easily running 25 km per hour which is just below the maximum speed for driving without a helmet. The e-bike is completely hand made with customised finishing.

The sales of e-bikes continues to grow

China is both the leading producer as well as the largest consumer of e-bikes. This was largely triggered by local Chinese governments restricting motorcycles in city centers avoiding traffic disruption and accidents. Even though road safety concerns continue, the positive environmental impact is becoming increasingly important as well. In Europe, Germany and the Netherlands are leading the e-bikes sales. Especially, design innovations such as the e-cruizer lead to more adoption with the younger crowd. Also countries like Switzerland with urban centres spread over mountainous areas, the e-bike is a helpful push in the back cycling up the hill. In order to deceive your neighbours, the batteries supporting you in your endeavour are disguised as water bottles.