A Dutch Weed Burger carnivores love

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dutch-weed-burgerInspired by the daunting problem of overpopulation in combination with our dependency on meat for our proteins, Mark Kulsdom and Lisette Kreischer launched the Dutch Weed Burger in August 2012. Made of mainly seaweed and some soy, the burger contains a lot of nutrients and is considered to have a fleshy texture even carnivores would love. The burger is available in many Dutch restaurants and festivals introducing a new sustainable food concept to the masses.

Seaweed is the new superfood

Scientists from the University of Wageningen have classified seaweed and algae as new superfoods tackling the future food shortages. For the cultivation of the seaweed there is no waste of fresh water nor does it require costly and scarce agricultural land. Furthermore, the cultivation of seaweed contributes to the recovery of our oceans. As a primary protein source, seaweed has also a lower carbon footprint than cattle and fish which eat primary (and secondary) sources of protein. In combination with offshore wind farms, the seaweed production can be completely carbon neutral. At the moment, Seaweed production takes place mainly in Southeast Asia. But particularly in China, the production is not sustainable, because animal manure is brought into the sea to fertilize. This provides ample opportunities for sea-bordered countries.

The Dutch Weed Burger is currently only available in restaurants in the Netherlands.


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