Dopper water bottle to reduce plastic waste

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dopperAfter watching a documentary about the soup containing a billion kilo of plastic floating in our oceans, Merijn Everaarts came up with the idea to develop a reusable bottle for tap water. ‘In the Netherlands alone, about 500.000 single-use plastic bottles end up as waste. By drinking tap water from a sustainable bottle instead of buying a new water bottle, consumers already contribute to solving this environmental problem’, according to Everaarts. The Dopper bottle he developed has no climatic impact and uses no plasticisers.

600.000 Doppers sold worldwide

After its foundation in 2010, Dopper quickly grew into a successfull business. The company is profitable from day one and has opened Dopper Embassies in the US and Hong Kong. Everaarts has three clear goals with Dopper: To reduce the amount of plastic waste thrown away, to stimulate the use of filtered tap water and to ensure that more people get access to safe water supply. Dopper donates part of its profits to the Simavi safe water projects in Nepal. So far Dopper has already provided safe drinking water to over 3.000 Nepalese.

Red Dot Award for its clean, contemporary design

Dopper received a honourable mention from the Red Dot Awards jury for its sustainable water bottle design. The jury stated that “with its clean, contemporary design, Dopper is a convincing ambassador for sustainability.”  Dopper won a prize in the Product Design category. The company can now use the Red Dot Award on its products and communication materials.