Crowd butching your meat from sustainable sources

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Crowd butchingBuy your piece of cow directly from the farmer. Crowd butching makes this possible. Similar to other green crowd funding, participants buy a cow together. As soon as all meat is allocated, the cow goes to the butcher and your meat is delivered two weeks later. Since you buy the meat directly from the farmer, you are guaranteed the meat is free of antibiotics and other manipulated food. Moreover, the meat is more affordable than bio or sustainable meat you buy in supermarkets. 

Crowd butching initiative started in the Netherlands

The idea of crowd butching has been put into practice by (translation: buy a cow). Buyers are encouraged to recruit others to buy meat, because only once all meat has been allocated, the buyers receive their packages. One package contains meat for two people; about 7.5 kilo in total. The meat package fits in a drawer of a normal freezer. Because the meat is sealed in vacuum packs, they take up less space than what you buy from the supermarkets.

Sustainable meat production

Although there is no official classification, sustainable meat could be defined as sourced from animals who have lived a happy live with plenty of space and good, healthy food.  The farm where sources their meat, gives cows three times more space than the average in the Netherlands. The stables are light, spacious and green in order to mimic the natural habitat of the cow as much as possible. Obviously the animals walk in the meadow, where they eat a mix of (unfertilized) grass and herbs. This is also the reason that has no organic label, the animals receive no official organically grown food. The cows are supplemented with wheat and antibiotics are only administered when the animals are sick, not preventive.