Configure your sustainable bike with Roetz

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Sustainable bikeImagine your bike with wooden mudgards, grips of cork and a 30 year old re-used bike frame serving as a solid basis. Netherlands based Roetz-bike makes this sustainable bike reality. And this is very necessary in the bicycle industry. In the Netherlands only, 1 million bikes are discarded each year, many ending up in the Amsterdam canals or strapped around a bridge for years. Roetz collects these bikes just before they end up in the metal shredder. They remove paint and rust from the frame and steering wheel and repaint the bikes with a fresh colour. New tires, chain and mudgards from sustainable sources are attached and there you go, as good as new.

Your own configuration

Roetz has various models mostly based on how old the re-used frame is. The Road model for example uses frames from the ’80s and ’90s whereas the Retro model goes nostaligic back to the ’60s and ’70s. You can configure your Roetz-bike depending on your height and how many steep bridges you have to climb each day (1-speed or 5-speed gears). You can pick brown or gray tires and complement it with kinetic lights, wooden transport crate and dress guards made of re-used industrial conveyor belts. On top of making a recycled product, Roetz is producing the bikes locally through sheltered employment. This provides jobs for people with special needs or long-term unemployment to help them with useful daytime activity and return to the labour market.

And if you really need a new bike but do not want to get rid of your old one, you can Roetzify it and give it a second life.