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Raw for the Oceans with Bionic Yarn

Dutch denim brand G-Star has entered an alliance with eco-textile Bionic Yarn in an effort to clean up our plastic oceans of waste. Bionic Yarn, an invention of Return Textiles, blends natural-based fibers with recycled plastic bottles retrieved from the world’s oceans and shores. The collaboration between Bionic Yarn and G-Star, called Raw for the

Harvest rainwater with Water Bench

The Water Bench is outdoor furniture that collects and stores rainwater to irrigate outdoor spaces independent of public water supply. Inspired by the Chesterfield couch design, MARS Architects created the park bench in connection with the BMW Guggenheim Lab project as part of a series of sustainable urban strategies. MARS Architects was founded by Dutch

Wattcher reduces your home energy bill

Want to save money on your energy bill? Then Wattcher is the tool to use. It can help you lower your monthly energy spend. Wattcher is an energy monitoring tool that gives you valuable insights on your home electricity consumption. Users of the tool on average save 13 percent on their electricity usage. Designed to save

Dopper water bottle to reduce plastic waste

After watching a documentary about the soup containing a billion kilo of plastic floating in our oceans, Merijn Everaarts came up with the idea to develop a reusable bottle for tap water. ‘In the Netherlands alone, about 500.000 single-use plastic bottles end up as waste. By drinking tap water from a sustainable bottle instead of

Leasing clothes from sustainable origin

Why spending so much money on staying in fashion with your jeans, when you can lease a new pair each year. Mud Jeans started the Lease a Jeans concept in 2013 and are now also launching their Lease a Fleece brand. They are using green crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd to gather enough orders to submit their