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Top 5 Green Business Ideas for Aspiring Eco-entrepreneurs

Green businesses are gaining popularity as more opportunities arise for eco-entrepreneurs to invest in. This business is mainly driven by the demand of consumers who are interested in purchasing goods and services that incorporate eco-friendly manufacturing processes. In fact, most of the services and products being offered today have been greened. Thus, if you are looking to start a

Crowd butching your meat from sustainable sources

Buy your piece of cow directly from the farmer. Crowd butching makes this possible. Similar to other green crowd funding, participants buy a cow together. As soon as all meat is allocated, the cow goes to the butcher and your meat is delivered two weeks later. Since you buy the meat directly from the farmer,

Top Green Entrepreneurs in 2013

What a year full of Great Green Entrepreneurship! With a start in August 2013, we are 50 posts old and we will continue bringing you the latest content about disruptive sustainable products and services, innovative green business ideas and emerging green technologies. This year ended with 6 Green Crowdfunding Platforms as our most popular post

Upcycling copper from waste streams

Many of our products contain copper which is lost when we throw them away. The products end up in a waste to energy incinerator which leaves bottom ashes as residue. In these bottom ashes, many small fractions of copper are available, which are not being recovered. Typically, the bottom ashes of the incinerator end up

Bclean2 is the green solution for a car wash

Washing your car in a car wash street consumes up to 500 liters of water, creating a lot of waste water. The water can contaminate the soil and groundwater. In Australia, where water is scarce, an eco-friendly car wash method has been developed using a special wax instead of water. Bclean2 has developed a user-friendly