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SioTeX Corporation is Transforming the Specialty Silica Industry

A Silica Success Story – How a Business Plan Competition Helped Make a Green Dream Come True SioTeX is transforming the specialty silica industry. The Texas-based company manufactures a specialty silica product called Eco-Sil™, a green alternative to fumed silica that is safer and more sustainable. It is manufactured using rice hulls, a renewable resource

Enviromate – Putting Reuse at the Heart of Construction

Enviromate is designed with one core goal; to encourage and promote sustainable construction through the reuse of surplus building materials at all levels within the industry, diverting reusable material from landfill – Increasing the product lifecycle, reducing the extraction of vital raw materials, enabling the transition to a circular economy and most importantly saving the Environment. Enviromate was the idea

Hermit Houses provide a sustainable retreat into nature

Originally designed by Daniël Venneman and Mark van der Net for the Oerol festival, the Hermit Houses concept has developed into a sutainable holiday retreat. The designers of the Cloud Collective wanted to offer festivalgoers a place to relax during the festival in their 14 square meter cabins. Today, Hermit Houses is a fast-growing collection of

Spares in Motion connects demand and supply in the wind turbine market

The key trend in the wind industry is to lower the cost of energy to be able to compete with traditional sources of energy. After installation of wind turbines, the factor that can be influenced best are Operating and Maintenance costs, where availability and costs of spare parts play an important role. Spares in Motion

Top Green Entrepreneurs in 2013

What a year full of Great Green Entrepreneurship! With a start in August 2013, we are 50 posts old and we will continue bringing you the latest content about disruptive sustainable products and services, innovative green business ideas and emerging green technologies. This year ended with 6 Green Crowdfunding Platforms as our most popular post