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UK Green Crowdfunding platforms merge

UK based Trillion Fund and buzzbnk have announced to merge their Green Crowdfunding Platforms creating UK’s biggest in terms of users. This is an interesting development in the crowdfunding sector, since we have seen a large increase of small initiatives the last years. It can be expected these small initiatives need to start merging as

Engaging the Green Crowd to invest in energy efficiency

In 2012, was born out of the Start-Up-Weekend Rhein-Main in Germany. Since then the team has worked hard to become a fully operating Green Crowdfunding platform focusing on energy efficiency projects. The have just launched their largest project so far funding the installation of a combined heat and power plant with an expected yearly return of 8%

Wattcher reduces your home energy bill

Want to save money on your energy bill? Then Wattcher is the tool to use. It can help you lower your monthly energy spend. Wattcher is an energy monitoring tool that gives you valuable insights on your home electricity consumption. Users of the tool on average save 13 percent on their electricity usage. Designed to save

Solar Green Point to build largest Dutch solar park

Next to the A4 highway connecting Amsterdam to The Hague, Solar Green Point plans to build the largest solar park in the Netherlands. The funding will be realised through the crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd, one of the six green crowdfunding platforms described earlier on The solar park will consist of 8000 solar panels, and will

Ampyx Power will disrupt electricity generation sector

Imagine hundreds of glider planes in the sky flying repetitive patterns supplying your daily energy consumption. This is Ampyx Power‘s dream, the runner-up of the 2013 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge after FreshPaper. Ampyx Power claims to disrupt the electricity generation sector by attaching autonomously controlled glider planes to ground-based generators. The so-called PowerPlane flies on an