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Sustainable Road of The Future glows after dark

Dutch interactive designer Daan Roosegaarde has developed the Smart Highway. The highway of the future is a sustainable and interactive road that benefits traffic safety and efficiency. The Dutch designer’s first pilot project, optimistically called ‘The Road of the Future’, officially opens today near the city of Oss in the South of the Netherlands. Smart

Sunlight brought to you by Parans

The things you can do with fiber optic cables are endless. Possibly any piece of information can be sent through it around the world. But what about sending sunlight into your basement! Parans developed a solar lighting system that brings sunlight into your basement through fiber optic cables. The system not only benefits your health

Tesla introduces supercharger, 5-star safety rating for Model S

California-based Tesla opened its first Supercharger power station this week in Norway. The company expects to ramp up its investments in an EV Supercharger network to reach a 98% coverage in the US in 2015. The Superchargers are on average 20 times faster than most common charging stations. Tesla has opened 6 Supercharger stations in

Solar Headphones charge your iPhone while on the move

The OnBeat Solar Headphones charge your wireless devices while offering a quality sound experience. Ideal for those outdoor lovers who like to sunbathe and listen to their favorite music at the same time. The headphones simultaneously re-charge your smartphone or music device while on the go. The idea behind developing OnBeat is that you never have