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Solar Green Point to build largest Dutch solar park

Next to the A4 highway connecting Amsterdam to The Hague, Solar Green Point plans to build the largest solar park in the Netherlands. The funding will be realised through the crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd, one of the six green crowdfunding platforms described earlier on The solar park will consist of 8000 solar panels, and will

NRGSPOT-light uses light poles as EV chargers

With about 100,000 light poles in a medium-sized city like Rotterdam alone, using light poles as EV charging points might just be the future of electric mobility.  Dutch electricity company Eneco and Sapa Pole Products have come up with an innovative approach towards recharging your electric car. The NRGSPOT-light is an all-in-one light pole and electric

MisterGreen launches first Dutch EV-charging highway station

The first Dutch supercharging highway station for electric cars has been opened on October 10th. The Electrical Vehicles (EV) charging station is located along the A2 highway that connects Utrecht with Amsterdam. The station, commissioned by Mister Green Electrical Lease, is connected to the Dutch power grid of network provider Stedin. The company Travelcard exploits

Energy awareness software saves money

An extensive study of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy reviewed more than 36 residential smart metering and feedback programmes internationally. They concluded that to realise feedback-induced savings, the smart meters must be used in conjunction with online or in-home displays and well-designed programmes that successfully inform, empower, engage and motivate people. Dutch startup

Nuon Solar Power team wins World Solar Car Race

For the fifth time, students of the Technical University Delft have won the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The competition takes the participants from Darwin to Adelaide, a race of 3000 kilometers from North to South Australia. The Japanese team Tokai Challenger took second place. The car that is the fastest to drive the route