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Tesla expands Superchargers network throughout Europe

In the beginning of December, Tesla has opened its first Supercharger stations in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Opening its first Supercharger network in Norway last September, Tesla now plans to build more Superchargers in countries like Belgium, France and the UK in 2014. 14 European Superchargers in place At the moment, Tesla has

The Uniquely Green Hotels of the New Millennium

Renewable, green, clean energy is all the rage. Some people love it because of its environmentally sound approach to energy and power production, and some love it because it represents a sort of mini Industrial Revolution. After all, there’s money to be made, and all you need is the sun! Personal motivations aside, renewable energy

EV-Box to build 320 charging stations in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam has ambitious plans to improve its air quality and stimulate the usage of electric vehicles. In its strategical agreement ‘Stadsregio Rotterdam Elektrisch’ the city aims to roll out 320 more EV-charging stations in the city region next year. Together with Cofely, the Dutch company EV-Box has won the tender to supply these

Bclean2 is the green solution for a car wash

Washing your car in a car wash street consumes up to 500 liters of water, creating a lot of waste water. The water can contaminate the soil and groundwater. In Australia, where water is scarce, an eco-friendly car wash method has been developed using a special wax instead of water. Bclean2 has developed a user-friendly

Wattcher reduces your home energy bill

Want to save money on your energy bill? Then Wattcher is the tool to use. It can help you lower your monthly energy spend. Wattcher is an energy monitoring tool that gives you valuable insights on your home electricity consumption. Users of the tool on average save 13 percent on their electricity usage. Designed to save