Buy your own share of wind energy

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wind energyBenefit from the advantages of wind energy by becoming co-owner of a windmill. In the Netherlands, the cooperative called Windcentrale makes this possible since 2010. They split up a windmill in thousands wind parts. Each wind part delivers on average 500 kWh of wind annually. This is equal to 1/7 of the energy consumption of an average Dutch household. You can buy one or more wind parts to generate your own electricity which is then delivered through the Greenchoice energy company for free for the next 12-16 years. In case there is no wind, Greenchoice will provide green energy against normal tariff.

New crowdfunding record

Last month, Windcentrale set a new crowdfunding record by selling all 6648 shares of electricity from their new Vestas wind turbine in just 13 hours. Without using on of the green crowdfunding platforms, they raised 1.3 million euro by selling to 1700 Dutch households for 200 euro per share of electricity. One share is equal to a wind part. By buying wind parts, the consumer basically fixes his energy price for 12-16 years. He makes a profit when the electricity price increase, which has been the case over the last decades. A wind part is not a financial product. You have to consume what you buy and therefore you are only allowed to buy up to 85% of your yearly energy consumption. For example, a three persons household uses on average 4100 kWh. You are allowed to by 85% of wind parts, each wind part is 500 kWh, which thus equals 7 wind parts.

Tracking your wind energy production

When you buy a wind part, you can install the Windcentrale App on your tablet or smartphone to track your wind energy production in real-time. Furthermore, you can track the wind speed for all windmills bought buy the cooperation – track their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statistics and stay informed of maintenance work.