Bclean2 is the green solution for a car wash

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bclean2Washing your car in a car wash street consumes up to 500 liters of water, creating a lot of waste water. The water can contaminate the soil and groundwater. In Australia, where water is scarce, an eco-friendly car wash method has been developed using a special wax instead of water. Bclean2 has developed a user-friendly washing programme that uses this wax as a sustainable alternative for water.

Natural cleaning power of citrus

The wax consists of citrus extracts that form no harm to the environment. The surface friendly wax breaks down dirt without using a drip of water. The cleaning wax is biological degradable. Sinan Gul, the founder of Bclean2, adds that ‘the European washing industry has an annual turnover of 40 billion euro. With the waterless washing programme, we want to become the sustainable market leader.’

Waterless washing on location

Instead of having to drive to a car wash laundromat, the team of Bclean2 cleans your car while at work. This saves both time and hassle. Companies can enroll in a washing programme in which cars with a barcode sticker of Bclean2 will be cleaned every other week. Since its start on October 2009, Bclean2 has seen rapid growth and currently works with a team of 6 permanent and 30 freelance employees. Companies like Randstad and Q-Park currently make use of Bclean2.