is a global platform dedicated to deliver high-quality content about green entrepreneurship, disruptive sustainable products, innovative business ideas and emerging green technologies.

The aim of is to bring local ideas, products and innovations to a global audience. With providing local content to a global audience we hope to speed up green innovations around the globe and inspire companies and consumers to implement more sustainability in their consumption. brings content from local initiatives in different sectors of the market. Sectors include:
– Transportation: Electrical Vehicles, low carbon-emission cars and smart highways
– Food & Health: Solutions ranging from ideas to reduce food spoilage to green health care products
– Energy: Ideas related to cleantech and renewable energy, such as solar, wind and biomass
– Consumer Goods: Business ventures that try to disrupt current consumer lifestyle
– Textile & Fashion: Innovative business ideas that support consumers to wear more renewable clothing

The platform is open for external content editors from around the globe. In order to give innovative sustainable ideas a global audience, green entrepreneurs can also contribute to the platform by sharing their innovations with If you are interested, please contact us.